Joshui | Grime Artist


Joshua | Grime Artist

Manchester, UK

I'm born and raised in Manchester. I'm just a guy that makes music and releases it to the public. I'm inspired by other artists who are doing what I am doing i.e. making music and releasing it to the public but are also making money off of it. That's where I want to be whilst doing what I love. I'm also inspired by artists who make me connect to their words and stories. J Cole is one of my favourite artists and he does this regulalrly. I'm also inspired by life and the emotions it causes to spring up in me. Music is my method of expressing them and my therapy. I love making music cause I love how it makes me feel when I listen to stuff I like. Ultimately I'm trying to recreate that feeling in other people when they listen to my music. My words of advice to someone trying to pursue their passion as a career would be to not define themselves by the exceptions to the rule. You're also going to need to have income to fund your passion before it can ever take off as a career so don't be ashamed of your hustle whether it be a 9-5 or something else that you're using to fund your passion. 

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