Benjamin Gott | Entreprenuer


Benjamin Gott | Entreprenuer 


Where are the from? The Internet - ha. Currently, Chicago IL. What is it that you do? Sometimes it feels like too much! I'm founder of Boxed Water, th-oughts, a person-to-person education service, I work in venture capital at Wakestream Ventures, and have a little clothing/object company, Benjamin Edgar.  Also write on Solving problems inspires my work.  Whether big or small... I love finding things that could be better / more efficient and taking a stab at changing them. I feel compelled to work on the stuff I work on... and it's nice to work on things you enjoy being a part of.  And I'm scared of being bored. Words of advice to others. Odds of making a ton of money is low... but it's not impossible. It's not going to happen overnight - be persistent but give it time. It's deeply fulfilling and you make incredible friends along the way.

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