Jeff Staple | Founder / Creative Director


Originally hailing from New Jersey. Been living in New York City since 1993. I am the Founder and Creative Director for @StaplePigeon menswear collection, Staple Design Studio—the creative agency, and @ReedSpace—a multi brand lifestyle boutique. Traveling and visiting different places. I'm an observer, and that's how I get inspired to create. If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life and if you love the process, it shouldn’t matter how long it takes. Some words of advice, develop the attitude of changing situations in your favor! Incorporating your passions, hobbies, interests, and inspirations into your work is the key. I think that my passion for my work is one of the key contributors to my success. See, I am genuinely into music, fashion, sports, & sneakers; so I naturally incorporate all these elements into my creations.

Photo credit: Sean Munro