Ryan Potter | Actor / Photographer


Ryan Potter |  Actor / Photographer

Los Angeles

Born in in Oregon, Raised in Japan, and moved to LA when i was 7 years old. My main profession is acting but I am also a photographer, and creative director. What inspires my work? A little of everything really, when I travel I get new inspiration. New and old film, tv shows, music, and books all feed my imagination and creativity. I love what I do because the only thing I want to be in life is happy, and creating makes me the happiest. If i'm able to create and sustain a living out of being happy there's nothing more I could ask for. I think the biggest piece of advice i can give somebody is for them to be 100% honest with themselves, and to do what they are most good at. If you're good at something practice and get even better at it. If you take your attention off of what you want to do in life someone will inevitably take your spot and surpass you.

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