Chloë Alyshea | Digital Creative


Chloë Alyshea | Digital Creative

The Netherlands

I'm from Eindhoven, located in The Netherlands. It's a city with a really nice down to earth vibe, and better known as the 'Light City' referring to the light bulb factories from Philips back in the days. These factories are no longer in use, and recently got renovated into urban lofts. This specific area is now a cool hang-out where creative people meet up with each other, innovative idea's are born and upcoming brands and artists get the chance to grow. It has that perfect industrial feel to it, and is for me the reason why I love my hometown so much. I see myself as a digital creative running my own online magazine THRLD, together with my boyfriend Jordi (@bienphilty). As a graphic designer/illustrator he does the visual aspect of it, I take care of the daily content. It's a magazine inspired by the street culture and urban youth, covering the fields of art, music and fashion. Besides running my own online magazine, I'm a photographer as well and like to collaborate with upcoming brands and artists. My Instagram account functions as a creative outlet for me, where you get to learn me in a more personal way. (And where you might see my white sneaker collection grow more and more...)

The line between high fashion and streetwear becomes thinner by day, that fascinates me. These two worlds seem to blend in even more, and have more similarities than you might think at first. The subculture that goes by it is a real inspiration to me, from Instagram to my fave blogs and magazines, or people I see on the streets, it's always surrounding me in my daily life. At the same time it motivates me to be part of it this culture as well. With THRLD I can combine my passions all at once: I love to write, photograph, travel and meet inspiring people. To be able to do this with my boyfriend, is a real privilege to me. We understand each other perfectly, and there's no one else I could have achieved this with. And, I'm my own boss, what's better than that right? 

Some advice for anyone else pursuing their passion would be, just go with your instinct, stay humble and stay true to yourself, always.

Check out the Instagram for Chloë's magazine here: THRLD