Benjamin Patch | National Volleyball Player


Benjamin Patch | National Volleyball Player


I am from Provo, Utah. I play volleyball for USA Mens National Team. Progression is what inspires me daily.  There is no growth in the comfort zone, and I know that I am getting better if I am uncomfortable. I will set goals constantly — whether that be daily or weekly it doesn’t matter, but these goals are very attainable and also make me stretch in a way that inspires me to perform at new heights. Another is love.  Love is so powerful. Find someone you love and let those intense feelings you have for that particular person drive you to get better everyday.  For me it's my Mom. 

I love volleyball because it gives me a world wide family.  Volleyball is such a “small world” so wherever I play, I am immediately connected to people that share a deep love and admiration for it. When I play volleyball I am not thinking about how I can make myself look better, but rather how my performance can demonstrate how hard we all on the court have worked.  And when the connection is made with each other on the court it connects the crowd to us, and then there is the beauty of the sport I love; the beauty of a world wide family encouraging each other. Advice I would give to anyone pursuing what they love would be: work as hard as you can, and then some. You must always doubt your doubts before you doubt yourself.